Simply put your arms into the sleeves - exactly as you would a coat


Then, take the remaining armhole and place it over the opposite sleeve.


Can be worn with the sleeves to the front or the back enabling easy access either way


No ties or poppers to fasten; easy for patient, less hassle for medical staff to access


The omission of fastenings means more hygienic, less wear & tear, easier to launder.


Designed by a patient with input from patients & medical professionals


Losing your health shouldn't mean losing your dignity. A simple solution for when a hospital gown is essential.


Coverstory Gown

Personalise your Gown

Gowns can be made to order with the followingcustomisation;

  • Inside pocket for drips / drains

  • Shoulder opening for chest / back examination

  • Added binding to edges

  • Personalised print

If you have an individual requirement please contact me for a quotation

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